Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our Trip From Abilene, KS to Seattle WA - Part 1

We had such a nice time in Abilene.  We found out that I was born in Kansas. Mama said she had dinner with a man who personally knows my first owner.  Mama was shocked. I guess you never know who you will meet in Abilene.

We left Abilene around 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday to begin our four day drive to Seattle.  It looked like we were going to hit some storms, but somehow we missed them all. 

Apparently, we didn't take many photos the first day. We were very tired on that first day of travel. We drove from Kansas to Colorado and crossed over to Wyoming where we spent the night.  Many of the photos were be taken through the windshield, so they are not the highest quality.

We stayed at the Terry Bison Ranch.  The ranch offers many things for visitors to do, but the RV park was pretty run down.

It is really a lump of concrete.

Our site
The roads were rough.
A burger from the restaurant from the ranch. Supposedly, Bobby Flay said it is the best burger in Wyoming.  Mama said it was okay.

There is an "amusement park" at the Terry Bison Ranch.

The exit.

Camel at the ranch.  Those are dead bugs on our windshield.  BOL!
 There were bison at the ranch, but no photos were taken.

Pretty scenery in Wyoming.
This statue of Lincoln is at a rest stop in Wyoming.  It was constructed to celebrate his 150th birthday.  It used to be along the Lincoln Hwy, but was moved here.
 This rest area was really neat because it had prairie dogs.  No photos of the "dogs" because Mama couldn't take photos with us being so excited.  Dad stayed in the RV during this stop.  Here we are watching:

A view from the rest area.
The second day of travel was very windy.  We made a lot of stops checking on our rig. We had trouble with our slide wanting to open up the day before, so Dad put straps on it.

The straps did the job and the slide didn't move.
A tunnel!

We thought the scenery in Utah was the prettiest on this trip.

We stayed in a Mom and Pop campground in Bringham City, UT.  The park was nice and clean.
This the end of the second day of our journey. Tomorrow, we will take you through Idaho.

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