Monday, July 28, 2014

Goodguys Are Fun!

The Goodguys were in town last week. They own classic and hot rod cars.  They had a big show here.  We were told by one person that they get really wild and drunk.  That was not the case.  The host usually spaces everyone so that we have a lot of room, but we were warned that we would be packed in our sites and we were.  We even had to pay more to stay here during the event, but we were fine with that.

These were delivered last week.

I guess they expected people here without indoor plumbing.

I really enjoyed going out at night because people lined up on the sidewalk to watch the cars go by.  They squeaked a toy horn to try and get the cars to honk at us and if they did, everyone hooted and howled.  It was fun!  I even thought about howling, but I didn't.  I love being in crowds like that.  We met some kids while we were watching the cars and they petted us.  We were very popular. We talked to people from Canada, California and Oregon.   Last night, I couldn't wait to go out and join the crowd, but they had all gone home.  I was really sad.

We took a few pictures of the cars, but we didn't get too many.

The action is over there. That is where I should be.

But Mom, I want to go over there.

Scout enjoyed being out in the crowds too.

There is a surf board on the roof.

This one has a Teddy Bear hanging out.

As you may remember, we are staying at the fairgrounds.  There are fields around us that are used for parking during the fair.  In the fields, there are fruit trees and berries.  We think that there used to be houses there and that is why there are fruit trees.  We have apples, pears, cherries and also blackberries.  The blackberry bushes are huge. They are taller than some of the trees.


We don't know what this is.  Anyone know?

We were told we could help ourselves to the fruit.  Today, we went blackberry picking with Mama.  BOL!

We then made a cobbler.
The camp host gave us blackberry scones the other day.  She said they are very popular at the fair.  Mama had never had a scone.  She liked it.  A co-worker of Dad's asked if we would be here for the fair and he said no.  She said "Oh, darn, you won't get to try the scones."  He told her that he has already had some.  I guess it pays to be friends with the host here.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Likes Living At The Fairgrounds

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