Saturday, July 12, 2014

Museum Of Glass

On Saturday, the folks wanted to do something fun.  Mama wanted to see the Museum of Glass.  She was excited because they have glass blowers there.

The following items were in the museum:

The best part was watching the glass blowers at work.  Mama expected it to be one person at a time working on items, but it took a whole crew to make the product. There were visiting artists there and they made the piece that the artists had drawn on paper.

Waiting for the glass blowers to arrive.

All the work was shown on a big screen which made it really easy to see.

 Mama was surprised how warm it was in the room.  It was a very large room.

Ceiling in the room where the glass blowers worked.

Glass ornaments for sale in the gift shop.

Glass water feature outside the museum.

Another glass water feature.

This is on a walking bridge outside the museum.  It lights up at night.

Another view of the glass work on the bridge.

Glass feature on the bridge.

This is the outside to the room where the glass blowers work.

Marina across from museum.

Court house across from museum.

Bridge where glass work is located.

The folks enjoyed visiting the museum.  It took about an hour for the glass blowers to make their project and it was interesting to watch all the steps involved.

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