Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Visit To Pike Place Market

Saturday, the folks took a trip to Pike Place Market in Seattle.  The market was founded in 1907.  It was a place for farmers and customers to meet face to face.

This is the famous sign that Mama has seen on TV many times.

The folks arrived early at the market and it was already packed.

Mama said there were some dogs there, but there is no way she would bring us into this mess.

This market is known for the fish market where they throw fish.  You may have seen that on TV.  Mama missed seeing them throw a fish, but Dad saw it.

There were several shops that sold flowers and they were priced really low.

They visited the gum wall. This is where people stick their chewed gum. 

This wall is pretty complete with gum.

It looks like they are just starting on this wall.
The folks watched cheese being made and then they tried some.

The cheese is in a liquid form here at Beecher's Handmade Cheese store.

Cheese curds are in the background.
 There were a lot of fruit and vegetables for sale.

The folks ate lunch at Lowell's which is a seafood restaurant.

Dad had a seafood platter.  He said it was okay.

Dad's clam chowder.

Mama had fish, fries and slaw.  She said the fries were the best part. The fish was very bland.

The 3rd floor of Lowell's
The view the folks had while they ate lunch.

Mama hit the wrong button on her camera and started taking photos in black and white.  BOL!

This is the very first Starbucks. They did not go in because the line was wrapped around the corner.

Cruise ship that was docked.

People hanging out in downtown.

Downtown Seattle is quite pretty with the old buildings and big trees.

The folks didn't buy a thing while at the market.  Mama said they did contribute to the economy because they paid $17 to park and they ate lunch there.  Mama would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't been so crowded.  She is not fond of crowds.

The Greyhound Who Thinks The Market Looks Scary With All Those People

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