Friday, July 25, 2014

Mount Rainier National Park

The folks drove to Mount Rainer on Sunday.  Did you know that Mount Rainier is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world?  That's right!  We learned that almost immediately here.  There are test sirens that go off on the first Monday of the month.  You see, if the volcano erupts, we are in the path of a massive lahar.  Lahar is basically mudflow and other debris that will come down the mountain when it erupts.  Our neighbors told us there would be a tsunami due to all the snow melting off the mountain, but the folks learned it is actually lahar that we have to be concerned about.  Don't worry, all we have to do is climb this big hill that is near us and we will be safe.  The hill is so big that Mama is scared to take Buddy up it.  She is more scared of riding him down it because it is an 11% grade.  The neighbors told us we could get up it faster by walking than by trying to drive since everyone will be going up the hill.  Supposedly, we will have warning before it erupts.  We hope to be gone before that happens.  BOL!
We just need to follow the signs.
The admission charge to get into Mt. Rainer is $15 a car or $5 a person if you walk in.  Mama said it should be $5 a person up to $15 in a car.  It took the folks about two hours to get there due to driving in the mountains.

The folks immediately headed to a section of the park called Paradise because they wanted to eat lunch at the lodge.  They ate lunch in Paradise.  BOL!

Paradise Inn

The arrived in time for Sunday brunch.  Mama was shocked at the price.  It was $25.50 a person.  YIKES!  Dad said they were there, so they were going to eat.

Mama said the food was good.  She really liked the cheesecake for dessert. There were several to choose from.

This is the mail box at the lodge.

People lounging in the lodge.
After they had brunch, they drove through just a tiny portion of the park.  They saw several waterfalls.  Mt. Rainier was fogged in, so they did not get any photos of him.  We have seen him from afar though.

Snow in the waterfall.

The trees are bent due to the amount of snow they hold up each year. They have an average of 26-30 feet of snow each year.

Mama said they were on the lookout for animals, but only saw two chipmunks. One chipmunk ran out into the road and was killed by the car in front of them. :-(  Mama was hoping to see other wildlife.  She prefers to see wildlife that is alive.  BOL!

They didn't walk on any trails due to not having much time. Basically, it was a 5 hour round trip.  They may go back before we leave here and explore other parts of the park.

 Dogs are allowed in parking lots and in the campground, but not on trails due to the wildlife.  I doubt we will get to go.

The Greyhound Who Thinks He Could Climb Mt. Rainier If Mama Wasn't Holding His Leash

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