Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Trip From Abilene, KS to Seattle, WA - Part 2

Our third day on the road started out with a problem. The retractable step cover that goes over our inside steps, got stuck open.  We had to stop at a rest area so that Dad could fix it.

We can't seem to find the photos from Idaho, so we will move on to Oregon.  BOL!  This was the first time that we had driven in the mountains with our motor home.  We only found out about this trip a few days before we had to leave and really didn't have time to do a lot of research.  We were quite surprised that Oregon had the worst mountains on our trip.  On the last day of our trip, Mama found that the app she uses for gas stations and rest areas also tells you the grade of hills/mountains, so that helped prepare us or maybe it made us worry more.  BOL!

Here we go!

This was a 6% grade for 6 miles.  It was the worst one that we experienced.

This is the runaway truck ramp.  If you loose your brakes, you are supposed to go up this hill so that you stop.

After the drive through the mountains, we were very happy to pull off the road for the night. We stayed at the Pilot RV Park.  The park was nice.  They only charge $275 a month.

To be continued....

The Greyhound Who Thinks Mountains Are Fun

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