Friday, July 11, 2014

Frustration In Seattle

We arrived in Seattle on a Wednesday afternoon.  We made reservations at the fairgrounds with plans of finding a more permanent place after we arrived.  The folks set out on Thursday to check out some campgrounds.  The KOA that is near Dad's work was their first stop.  It does not get the best reviews because the spaces are tight.  The reviews actually said that many accidents happen there due to the tight spaces.  The folks were shocked to find that they wanted $2,100 a month! We would cost them $90.  They decided to move on as we normally spend about $700 -$900.  That price includes electric which is normally charged when you stay a month.  On Friday, the folks set out to check out other RV parks.  They found that either the parks were booked up or they did not allow big dogs.  They found the same thing on Saturday.  They did find one park that looked like it might work, but one sign said it was a 55+ community. Could they pass for that age? Mama called and left a message as no one was there on Saturday and as of today, no return call has been made.  She heard from others that you have to fill out a credit application and you also have to pay to have the electric turned on in your name. Things are definitely different here.  Mama was really getting concerned because the fairgrounds were not meant for long term people.  She was very concerned that they would tell us to leave and we had no where to go.  ::::sigh:::

We are not sure why, but Scout is balancing her frosty treat container on her chest. Dad said he didn't put it there.

On Sunday, the folks planned on doing a little shopping and then resting. They shopped at Kohl's for Dad some new clothes.  That went surprisingly well.  When they got inside the Jeep, they noticed a strong gas odor. They thought it might just be the car next to them.  They drove to the grocery store.  Dad checked under the hood and didn't see anything leaking. They did their grocery shopping and when they entered the Jeep, it still smelled. They decided to get a rental car and take the car to the shop.  Avis was just down the street. They were told at Avis that they needed reservations and they had no cars.  The parking lot was full of cars, but the employee said he was not allowed to rent those out.  The folks asked if there was another Avis that could help them.  He seemed quite put out that he was being asked questions because after all it is not his fault that they did not have reservations.  I guess you should always have a reservation in case an emergency occurs.  They stood outside Avis trying to figure out what to do. No other rental places were open on Sunday.  Dad called Good Sam and asked for a tow truck.  He was told the closest place they would take the Jeep was Pep Boy's. The folks could see Pep Boy's from where they stood and wondered if they should just drive there.  No, they decided to wait for the tow truck.  They waited 45 minutes and then called Good Sam's back.  The first person said there was not a record of the call.  He then spoke to the person Dad had spoken to and was told that she couldn't find a tow truck.  :::sigh:::  Dad was very frustrated and told them to forget it. Mama went back into Avis and pleaded for a car.  No luck, no sympathy.  Guess who will not rent a car from Avis in the future?  BOL!  The most irritating thing was the attitude of the employee.  The folks decided to chance it and drive the Jeep to Pep Boy's.  The folks made it there.  They then called a cab so that Mama could get home with the groceries. While they were waiting for the cab, the tow truck went by and then called to ask where they were.  Dad told them he had canceled it. The cab arrived, but Dad stayed behind with hopes that the Jeep could be fixed that day.  It wasn't. Well, it could have been, but they said it would take them a few minutes after closing time and they didn't want to start on it.  Dad said he would pay them extra since he was going to have to take a cab to work if the Jeep wasn't fixed.  They declined.  He took a cab home.  He then had to take a cab to work. That was $88 with a tip.  I think they spent about $130 in cab fares. A neighbor here drove Mama to Pep Boy's to pick up the Jeep up on Monday. The fuel injector seals were leaking and she was told it was really bad with gasoline leaking on the exhaust.  The mechanic said they were very lucky that it didn't catch on fire. Mama drove it around for a while and it still really smelled. She took it back and they told her it was going to take a while for the smell to go away.  He checked it over to be sure that it was okay.  Mama then had to pick Dad up from work.  It is 20 miles, but took an hour.  It is not a bad drive. There are just a lot of lights that you have to go through.

Monday night, we were talking with the camp host.  She really likes us.  Mama told her our woes about not being able to find a place to stay.  She said they have never kicked anyone out, but they have threatened every year when the car shows start.  Mama felt a little better, but she was still worried.  Tuesday morning, the camp host came up to us and told Mama that she had talked with the office and told them of our situation. They said we could stay here!!!  They will not kick us out even if it gets crowded.  Mama paid our rent yesterday (you have to pay weekly) and the office lady confirmed that we could stay.  Mama is very relieved.  Things are finally looking up. The folks can finally relax and enjoy our time here.

I think my tongue is keeping me balanced on the couch.  BOL!

We were going to tell you about the Museum of Glass that the folks visited on Saturday, but this post went really long.  We will tell you about that tomorrow.

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