Friday, July 18, 2014

Yep, I'm Still A Redneck

Mama says "You can take the dog out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the dog."  She is talking about me, of course.  BOL!    The other morning, Mama and I were walking.  We decided to walk down the sidewalk towards the office.  We were looking at the fair rides through the fence and then I did it.  I pooped.  Yep, I pooped right there on the sidewalk.  BOL!  Mama was so embarrassed.  I had already pooped two other times, so she thought it was safe.  It is never safe with me.  BOL!

Today, Scout came with us on our walk.  She normally prefers to stay at home, but sometimes she decides to come along.  We saw a bunny this morning.  It was pretty exciting.

These are my bunny watching ears.  BOL!
After we left the bunny area, Scout made another discovery.

Scout wouldn't get near it even when Mama picked it up. What it is?

Yep, Scout is scared of a rock.
Mama picked it up and found that someone was trying to hide poop under it.  Is it worse to hide poop under a rock or just do it on the sidewalk?  I am not sure, but mine got picked up.  BOL!

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