Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Peaceful Protest

I was not happy that Dad left us to attend a business meeting in Washington DC.  I looked for him each night and was hopeful every time that I saw a Jeep.  It didn't matter that our Jeep was parked right outside the RV.

Dad finally arrived home Thursday night.  I decided I would show him I was not happy with him by staging a peaceful protest.  When he came in, I went to my food bowl and ignored him.  Ha!  Mama went outside to get something out of the car and that scared me because I thought she was leaving and that could destroy my protest plans.  She came in and I greeted her like she had been gone a week.  Yep, I showed Dad that he was missing out on my loving.  The next morning, Dad left for work and I didn't say good-bye.  Nope.  We were outside when he came home talking to the neighbors.  I watched him drive down the street and park the Jeep.  He got out and came over to talk to the neighbors.  Do you know what I did?  I turned completely around and wouldn't look at him.  Yep, all he saw was my butt.  BOL!  The neighbors roared with laughter.  The next morning, word has spread throughout the campground about my peaceful protest.  Everyone was asking if I had made up with Dad.  Mama told them that no, I had not and Dad said I was being immature and needed to grow up.  Seriously?  Later in the day, we all went for a walk and Mama handed Dad my leash.  We decided to call a truce at that point.   I think my peaceful protest was a success.  BOL!

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