Sunday, August 24, 2014

Some Places Are Harder To Leave Than Others

This morning we said good-bye to Puyallup, WA and Mama fought back the tears.  We have really enjoyed our stay at the fairgrounds. We enjoyed the Model A cars and even the Good Guys were fun.  We met so many nice people.  One couple baked us an apple cake with apples they picked in the "orchard".  The nicest person was the campground host Miss Nancy.  She has been the host there for the past seven years and she will be leaving very soon and not returning next year.  Mama enjoyed talking with her each day. They shared a love of looking for the beaver that lived at the park and last Saturday, they discovered a family of five raccoons swimming in the water at the fairgrounds.  Mama left Miss Nancy one of our business cards this morning.  We hope she checks in on us from time to time.  Enjoy your life in Yuma, Miss Nancy and thank you for letting us stay the summer! 
The sunrise this morning.

Miss Nancy, look who we saw this morning.

Preparing to leave.
This was our view.  The field is where we found blackberries, pears, apples, plums and nuts.  We spent many hours looking into the water from the bridge.

Mama sure did make a lot of blackberry cobblers while in Puyallup. We helped her pick the blackberries and then enjoyed the delicious smell of the cobblers while they baked. I got blackberry juice on me one time.  BOL!

I think the thing that we enjoyed the most was the weather.  Mama wore her hoodie each morning and night because it was cool.  We had one 97 degree day, but most days were in the 70's.  We, of course, had the heatwave when our AC broke.  It was just our luck.  BOL!  There was no humidity and it only rained three times in the two months we were there. 

The worst part of staying in Seattle was the lack of RV parks that would take us.  We had a lot of decisions to make last week.  We were supposed to go to Sonoma, CA, but that was canceled. (Did you hear they had an earthquake this morning?) Dad is being sent to Florida for 11 days, so we thought about staying on in Seattle.  We couldn't find a place to stay and since the fair is coming to town, we had to leave.  So, we are on the road.   Where are headed?  Well, tonight we are in Montana.  Should we stay here?  It is a nice park.

...but there are bear.

Oh, it's not real.  That is good.

Scout thinks the weather is great here!  It is going to get down to the 40's tonight though.

They have a jail?

The jail looks scary.

It is a pretty place. There are lots of trails in the woods to explore.  This is not the woods. We walked on one of the trails, but didn't take photos.  Mama was nervous we might see a real bear.

We have a nice site.
Dad says there is not a Walmart nearby. That is bad.  We don't remember seeing an airport either and Dad needs to fly to Florida, so we must move on. 

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