Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wall Drug, The Badlands And Us

Excuse our messing typing as we are bouncing down the highway as we write our blog today.

Tuesday night, the folks visited Wall Drug.  The last time they visited was in 1993.  They both thought it seemed different.  Mama remembered it being on the interstate, but she was way off on that.  We could actually see it from our campground.  Wall Drug opened in 1931 but business didn't start booming until 1936.  In 1936 they put up billboards offering free ice water to customers.  You see, there is really not much to stop at on your way to the Badlands or Mount Rushmore.  Today, it is much the same.  It is just miles and miles of fields.  The town of Wall remains very small. They have a grocery store, well, that is what they call it.  Mama shopped there twice and said the selection was very small and the prices were high.  The closest town is Rapid City and it is at least 50 miles away.  No McDonalds or Walmart here.  BOL!  The only fast food is a Dairy Queen.

Oops!  We forgot to show this guy to you.  He was at a rest area.  We never saw his body.

Wall Drug signs are all along the highway once you pass through Rapid City.

Inside Wall Drug.

Historic photos inside Wall Drug.

A chapel inside Wall Drug
As you can see, Wall Drug is much more than just a drug store.  It is full of souvenirs, pictures, animals, a cafe and some odd things.  Yes, there is a small drug store.

Wednesday, the folks visited the Badlands.  They had Sioux Indian Tacos for lunch and they visited the visitors center where a movie was played. 

Prairie dogs


Buddy got really dirty when they went down the dirt road to see the prairie dogs.

The folks also visited a missile silo.  They said it was interesting.

The campground we stayed at had a HUGE dog park.  It was bigger than our old yard.  It was fun!  The campground was pretty plain, but it was great for us and it was priced lower than normal.

South Dakota still doesn't have what we need.  Moving on.

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