Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Still On The Road In Montana

Boy howdy, Montana sure is big!  We spent another day traveling through and we didn't get out of it until this morning.  We had more mountains to drive through.  We still think driving through the mountains in Oregon was the hardest, but we don't like any mountain driving.

Another runaway ramp.  It was the only one that we saw this time.  It was the last mountain pass that we went through.
Last night we stayed at a campground that was near the battleground where Custer was killed.  He died in the Battle of Little Big Horn.  Dad said it would be a waste to be so close and not be able to see the battlefield.  Mama looked up the information and found out that it was open until 7:30 p.m. and we were lucky that the admission was free yesterday.  As soon as we got to the campground, Dad unhooked the Jeep and Mama took us on a walk.  We then went inside for a nap and they left.
They arrived at the visitors center just in time to see the last showing of the video on the Battle of Little Big Horn. It is shown in a room with windows all around and you can see the battlefield. There are grave stones all over the battlefield. All the bodies have since been removed and the white men were placed in one large grave with a monument containing all of their names. The Indians removed those they lost and buried them elsewhere. The grave stones show where each man died and it has their name, if known.

This is Last Stand Hill. This is where Custer died.  The marker with the black on it is his.  That is where he died.

This is where all the soldiers are now buried.  The officers were buried elsewhere. Custer is buried at West Point.

Another view of Last Stand Hill.

The brown markers show where Sioux Indians died during the battle.

Yes, we are in rattlesnake country.  Yikes!

This is part of the Indian memorial.

 Mama was glad they were able to see this historic site even though it was really sad.

Our campground was pretty, but not very good for us. Tons of gravel.  They have grass at the sites, but you have to walk over gravel to get anywhere.

You can rent this if you want.

 See where the flag is?  That is part of the battlefield.  You can walk there from our campground.  We tried to do it last night, but Scout turned into a mule about 3/4th of the way up.  Mama and I really wanted to walk up the entire hill, so we left Scout at home this morning and hiked up the hill.

Getting closer

We made it.  We waved to Dad, but he ignored us.

The view from the top.

Headed back down.
Well, as pretty as this place is, it is not right for us. They do give all the guest and ice cream sandwich when they check in, but it is not enough. The nearest town is 14 miles away. We don't know if they have a Walmart and the rattlesnake thing is a real deal breaker for us. It is time to move on. Hmmmm....I guess we will try South Dakota. Mama says there is a place called The Badlands. That sounds interesting.

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