Monday, October 13, 2014

30 Hours On The Road

We left Sanger, TX Thursday morning.  We thought we would be smart and take a less traveled highway instead of driving in rush hour through a really bad construction area.  We were making decent time and then we were directed off the highway due to it being closed.  That was a little scary because TomTom kept telling us to turn around.  Mom had to read the map.  You have to realize that Mom is not very good at reading maps.  BOL!  She ended up figuring it out and we took two toll roads to get us back on track.  We don't have a clue how much we owe in tolls because they mail the bill to you.  When you have a motor home towing a car, it adds up quickly.  We finally made it out of the Dallas area an hour later than we planned due to our detour.   The rest of the drive that day was pretty normal.  We did hit rain though and that is never fun.
Bye Texas!
We spent Thursday driving through TX and AR.
We spent all day Friday driving through Tennessee.  We experienced traffic delays in Knoxville.  It was raining and foggy.  We thought we would never get to our campground. We didn't take photos because it was raining when we arrived and almost dark.

Saturday, was another long driving day.   It rained a little.  The scenery in Virginia was beautiful.  We didn't take any photos because it was so gloomy.

This was a scary bridge to drive over.  Dad said you should have seen it from his view.  BOL!

 We then drove through West Virginia.

I think we were pretty close to Dewey.  We would have liked to have stopped since the greyhounds were reaching the beach this weekend.

We finally ended up at our destination!

Yep, we are in Maryland.  We are about 30 miles from Baltimore.  The campground is interesting.  The sites are tight.  However, they put us in a new section. There are only five of us in our area.  We all face the water.  Our site is brand new.  The downside is that there has been a lot of rain here and our site is muddy....very muddy.  We also are next to the storage area.  Mom says we need to look straight out the windshield and not to the left at the "junkyard".  BOL! 

This place has rules.  We are talking a book of rules. They have been in business for 50 years and Dad said it looks like they kept adding rules and never deleted any.  The one rule we were not aware of until we arrived is that dogs are not allowed to walk through the campground. We are only allowed to walk to the dog park and back.  Mom was quite upset about this at first because I LOVE to walk.  We are near the dog park, which means our walks are short.  She discovered though that most people walk their dogs through the neighborhood which is just outside the park exit.  We are near that, too.  She doesn't like to walk us through neighborhoods because she said you never know when a loose dog will bother us.  We haven't seen any dogs except for the people from our campground walking their dogs in the neighborhood.  It seems to be a good solution for us. We walked a mile this morning and turned around because it started raining.

It is a gloomy day here today, so no pictures of our site yet.  We are loving the cooler temperatures!  Oh, and something really exciting according to Mom...we have EAGLES here.  There is a rock in the water that they seem to fish from.  We will have to search for their nest.  We saw one of them fly from the rock to a tree, but Mom didn't see the nest.

Mom says she needs to put the summer clothes away and bring out the sweatshirts.  She said she is going to make chili this week.  She has been wanting some, but didn't want to eat it in 95 degree weather.
No yard here like in Sanger, but we have a patio that we plan to use later this week.

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