Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Day In Gettysburg

Dad was off from work for three days!  We had a great time. We slept late every morning.  Mom had to wake us up this morning.  We heard the alarm go off at 5:10 a.m., but we ignored it.  We really wish Dad didn't have to go to work today.

Sunday, the folks drove to Gettysburg.  Mom has wanted to go there for a long time. She would really like to attend the event, Greyhounds In Gettysburg, but it hasn't worked out with our schedule yet.

They ate at a restaurant that used to be a house.  Construction began on the home in 1774 and the family moved into the house in 1776.  The family had ten children and then the wife died.  The husband remarried and the new wife had nine children.  There were 19 children living in that house.  Yikes!

Dobbin House - this is the restaurant.
 The folks had lunch in the tavern which is in the basement.  Each table had a candle on it.  The lighting basically was by candle.  It was pretty dark inside.

The bar was made in 1880.

This is the candle at their table.  The walls were made of stone.
Mom enjoyed the atmosphere more than the food.  She had a hamburger with a sharp cheese because that is the only cheese they offered and she didn't like the cheese. Dad had crab cakes.  He said they were good.


Burger and coleslaw

Crab cakes

After they ate lunch, they went to the Gettysburg visitors center.  They saw a movie about Gettysburg and toured the museum.  Mom had planned on purchasing an audio tour of the battlefields, but they only had about two hours for the tour and she felt they didn't have enough time for the audio tour.  They both regretted not buying it and Dad said they may go back again and buy it so that they can take a proper tour of the battlegrounds.

Mom said that Gettysburg was different than she expected.  She thought it would mainly be open fields, but there are a lot of memorials.

This is Cemetery Hill where a lot of fighting took place.

See the brick building in the back?  That is the entrance to the cemetery where many of the soldiers are buried. Abe Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address there.  That brick entrance was there during the war. 

A little better picture of the entrance to the cemetery.

The folks enjoyed their visit to Gettysburg.  The drive was pretty with the fall colors.

Oh, Mom said she saw a greyhound there.  She didn't get to say "hi" because he was walking with this family down the street.  Dad isn't really a greyhound stalker, so they didn't stop.

The Greyhound Who Is Recovering From His 2.5 Mile Walk To The Park

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