Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Fun On Dad's "Vacation"

Monday morning found us taking a long walk with the folks.  We finally made it to the park. That had been our goal for a while.
This is the foot bridge that we cross. Beckett, the greyhound, lives across the bridge.
Beckett is adjusting well.  He is white with fawn spots.  His feet are sore because his new Mom walks three miles a day and he is not used to pavement.  His Mom has greatly reduced their walks until his feet get used to walking on pavement.  He is from Florida and probably walked on sand a lot since he came directly from a kennel.

Mom thinks the tree is pretty.
Dad likes to brag that he can out walk all of us, but guess who fell asleep as soon as he sat down?  Yep, Dad did.  BOL!

Monday afternoon, we had a visitor.  The mechanic came by to flush our radiator.  He was really nice.  Dad said he definitely could have done it himself, but the manual was quite confusing and it was good to have someone who knew what he was doing work on it.  He may come back to fix another problem for us.  His rates are really low.

We sat outside after the mechanic left and watched the folks work on the awning.  Dad found some wires were loose.  He didn't think it was the problem, but it was!  It is now fixed and Mom says she is not using it again.  BOL!

See Dad's shadow?  He was on the roof caulking.

People enjoying their day on the water.
The folks ate dinner at a place called Olive Tree.  It gets really good reviews, so Mom wanted to try it.

The meal starts out with a salad.  It had a creamy dressing on it.  Mom said it was good!

Bread sticks were also served and they were nicely seasoned.

Dad ordered calamari.

Seafood Pasta

Chicken Carbonara - the chicken is underneath the pasta.
Mom loved this place!  She went on and on about.  We told her to shut up and give us some of her leftovers.  She gave us some chicken and it was SO GOOD!  I wanted to eat my plate just to get every last taste of it.

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