Thursday, October 16, 2014

We Are Waterlogged

We survived the rain yesterday.  It was pretty lonely as everyone else in our area work during the day.  We were alone watching the water rise.

Mom headed to the office yesterday morning to see if they sold the cable we needed to hook up the cable.  We knew our satellite would be out all day with the rain.  When Mom got back with the new cable, she found Scout trying to order porn.  Yep, she had the remote and had turned it to a pay per view site.  BUSTED!  BOL 

She is not as innocent as she looks.  BOL!
Mom tried to hook up the cable, but couldn't figure out how to connect it on the inside. She called Dad and he asked if it was raining here. She told him it was and that it was up to her ankles.  He was surprised.  It wasn't raining where he was.  That figures, doesn't it?  He told her how to hook it up and then we had TV.  We were glad because it would have been a really long day without TV.  It was a long day with TV.

We had quite a bit of heavy rain, but luckily, we had breaks in the rain and the water was able to recede before it started up again.  It was a pretty miserable day.  Our site has standing water.  The ducks had a great time splashing in our yard.  We had rugs outside our door, but they sunk in the water.  Today, Mom gathered some wood planks from the "junk yard" and put those down and put our rugs on top.  We are not sinking down, at least.  Management may not approve, but we really don't care.  Mom said if they don't like it, they can come up with a solution.  This is most expensive place we have stayed and the conditions right now are not good.  There are no refunds if we leave, so we are sticking it out.  The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow, so it will get better.  We may actually like it here when we are not waterlogged.

Mom is back to cooking in the crock pot.  All the meals this week have been crock pot meals.  She fixed a London Broil steak on Monday.  It turned into sandwiches with bacon and cheese on Tuesday.  Yesterday, we had chili.  Today, is meatballs and spaghetti.  Tomorrow will be chili mac and Saturday with be a meatball pizza.  It's pretty easy cooking.

It looks like we will have some mail tomorrow.  They charge $20 for a mailbox at the office plus $20 for a key (they return that when you return the key) and if you don't get a mailbox, you can't have any packages delivered to you.  Dad says it is a racket, but it is easier than going to the post office for our mail. At least the people are nice here.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is Looking Forward To Laying Out In The Sun Tomorrow

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