Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Want To See Our View Of The Campground?

This morning it is partly sunny. We are hoping some of the water puddles and mud dry up because tomorrow we are going to get a lot of rain.  We might have strong to severe storms.  Mom is worried, of course.  We can only imagine how much worse the mud will get here.  It would really help if they put some gravel in our area.

Okay, so want to see our campground?  We are only allowed to walk to the dog park and out the exit, so here we go.

This is the entrance/exit.  The code to enter is right at the gate, so we are not sure why they even have this.  It is not secure.

This is the dog park.  I don't like it because there are sweetgum trees and the balls get stuck in my feet.

Oops, we can't show you this part because we are not allowed to walk that way.
This witch is in the neighborhood.

Scary stuff.
We talked to a man in the neighborhood today.  He told us that the county is really strict on loose dogs, so we will not likely find any.  He was nice and doesn't mind us walking past his house.  Mom thought they might not like us campers because we all walk down the street with our dogs.  He said he doesn't have a problem with it.

Heading back to our place.  Don't you love the utility trailer next to us?

This is our neighborhood.  We have met everyone here already.  Everyone is very friendly.

It will be interesting to see how much water we have after a full day of heavy rain tomorrow.

Our view.  See it is not all bad.

Dad is looking forward to fishing here.
Here we are this morning.  Mom watched the bald eagles this morning.
Ducks in the site next to us.  Luckily, they are walking and not swimming by. BOL!

Dad is going to work Saturdays while here. He will be off on Sundays and Mondays. Mom is not thrilled about that, but it might work out for the best.  We need to have some work done on the RV and it might be easier on a Monday. 

We have our reservations made for the winter.  We are going to stay near the coast in Alabama at an Escapees park.  It is just too far of a drive for us to go back to Houston this year.  The park is about 20 miles from the coast.  Mom had been thinking about it for a while and one of the other campers in Sanger, TX actually mentioned it to her.  He told her it would be a good place for us to spend the winter.  She was happy to speak to someone in person about it. She has heard nothing but good things about the park.  Our plans are always subject to change, but that is our plan right now. 

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