Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Queen Has A New Collar

When Scout received her senior queen collar at Heart of America, Mama realized her name collar was really faded.  She ordered her a new one, but it took it a while to catch up with us.  We received it last week and boy, the old one was more faded than we thought.

Old and new name collars
Scout looks pretty sharp now with her new collar and her queen collar.  She knows it too.

Not much is going on here.  It has been hot.  Yesterday, it was 95. 

This is how Scout deals with the hot weather.

A family of 8 moved in across from us. They have a Class C which is smaller than ours. They set up a tent the other day for the older kids.  The kids are home schooled.  We can always tell when school is in session because it is really quiet.  They seem like a nice family.

The folks surprised us by ordering a pizza Sunday night.  Yum....we got to eat the pizza bones.

We have been in the Dallas area for the past month.  There has been a lot going on here.  We had a huge storm last week, but we were lucky and it missed us.  It hit the area that we normally stay really hard though.  Mama was glad we didn't move there like she wanted to do.  Also, the first Ebola patient that was diagnosed in the US was in Dallas.  Sadly, he died this morning.  Ebola has been the hot topic here, of course.

We will be leaving Texas soon.  Yep, it's true.  Where are we headed?  The only clue that I am giving is that it will be cooler.  BOL!

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