Friday, October 24, 2014

Survived The Nor'easter

We survived the Nor'easter.  It really wasn't that bad here.  We thought the rain last week was worse.  Mom was not scared like she was last week.  Last week, she was upset because she thought our site might flood since we are near the water.  We learned that it really won't flood unless there is a tropical storm.  Our paws are crossed that we don't have one of those.  Our site became muddy, of course, and we had some standing water, but it didn't seem as bad as last week.  The high winds have helped dry it up pretty fast. 

Wednesday night, Dad got on a ladder and pushed the awning in because the wind was high.  It is not fixed, of course, and doesn't look normal but at least it is in and will not be damaged by the wind.  It is tied up with cables.

The mechanic did not come on Wednesday.  He did call and said he could be here around 5:30 p.m. Dad rescheduled him for Monday so that he can be here when he shows up.  Dad prefers to be here when someone is working on our rig.  Mom prefers that too.

We are getting used to living here.  Mom likes it a lot better this week than last week.  She really hated it here last week.   It sometimes takes her a little while to adjust to a new place and she really didn't like all the mud and not being able to walk us through the campground.  The weather is supposed to be nice for at least the next week, so she is much happier.

Today, we met up with Beckett.  He is the greyhound who was just adopted on Sunday.  His name was Matlock, but his Mom changed it to Beckett.  He is adjusting well and was not nervous today. We sniffed and kissed.  I tried to mark him but my aim was bad.  Mom said that was bad of me to try and mark him.  :::shrugs shoulders:::

Here I am watching a squirrel.  The tongue helps with my concentration.

A close up of me.
Yesterday, there was a lot of excitement in the neighborhood.  A man was getting his septic tank replaced and that required a lot of equipment.  His yard is a mess now.  Another house was getting a new kitchen.  It was trash day, so trucks were zooming up and down the street.  Oh, and then we saw someone who got their trailer stuck in the mud.  There was lots to watch.  We walked for an hour and fifteen minutes.  Today's walk was almost two hours, but that is because we stopped and visited with Beckett twice. 

Mom is excited because she is getting a new cookware set today to go with her new induction cook top.  Her first induction cook top fell apart.  The company was nice enough to take it back even though their 30 day warranty was up. The cook top had a year warranty but the manufacturer was not that nice, but the company we bought it from took over and sent us a new one.  Actually, they accidentally sent us two and that was an issue because we had to send it back.  The problem was that the people in the office forgot to reject one of them, which is understandable.  So, they said they would send one back, but it was missed a few days.  Finally, it was sent back yesterday when the FedEx man came. The new cook top seems to work much better.  We think we had a defected one.  Anyway, the new T-Fal cookware is coming today and Mom is super excited about it.  She only had a skillet and griddle to use on the cook top, so she needed a dutch oven and a sauce pan.  She did some re-organizing and purging of items to make room for it.

Here I am sleeping during the Nor'easter.
Dad is going to be off for three days in a row!  The folks are going to do sightseeing on Sunday and Tuesday.  Scout and I will get so much needed peace and quiet.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is Glad The Rain Is Over

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