Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Nor'easter

Mom told us yesterday that we were going to experience our first Nor'easter.  I thought it might have something to do with northern chocolate bunnies, but Mom said it was rain....lots of rain. 

Monday, we met a greyhound who was just adopted on Sunday. He is not a camper, he lives in the neighborhood.  His new Mom told us we should take the foot bridge and that would lead us to the park.  We set out yesterday morning for the park.  We never made it there.  We found the foot bridge, but then were were so many streets to choose from and we didn't know which one lead to the park. We were pretty far from home, so we just turned around.  It was over two miles though, so it was long enough.

We have been having a heck of a time with our satellite here.  The local channels don't always come in.  They seem to be okay after 10:30 a.m.  Last night, Mom tried to tune into them at 9 p.m. and they wouldn't come in.  Grrrr!  She switched over to cable and that is what we are going to watch until Sunday.  Dad likes Boardwalk Empire on HBO and the cable doesn't have HBO, so we need to switch to satellite then. The cable is fine except it doesn't have a program guide.  The nice thing about satellite is that we basically have the channels memorized and we have a program guide.

Yesterday, Mom decided to put the awnings out to let them dry out so that they do not develop mildew.  Well, the awning over the door quit halfway out.  It won't go in or out.  :-O   Mom checked the manual, checked online forums, etc. and couldn't find an easy solution.  Dad worked on it last night, but it will have to wait for the weekend.  Hopefully, the winds don't damage it.  It is not big like a regular awning since it just goes over the door.

Today, a mechanic is supposed to come here to flush our radiator.  We will not be surprised if he cancels due to the rain.  We are thrilled that someone will come here and do it for us.  Mom asked Dad if the mechanic could fix the awning and Dad said he is not an RV person, he a mechanic.  Okay, so that is a no.

The Ninja crock pot has been busy again this week.  This weeks' menu includes beef sirloin in wine sauce, Hawaiian pork loin, beef sirloin over mashed potatoes, chicken taco bowls, chicken enchiladas and red beans and smoked sausage.  The last meal was supposed to have rice, but Mom forgot the rice.  BOL! This is the second week of just using the crock pot to fix dinner. Mom finds our evenings are not as rushed cooking this way.  We never know for sure what time Dad will be home and she can just leave the food in the crock pot and keep it warm for him that way.

The Greyhound Who Learned A Nor'easter Has Nothing To Do With Bunnies

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