Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holiday Photos

Hey fellow furkids, it's Jack here. Does your Mama or Daddy dress you up for pictures for their holiday cards? My Mama does and she already started doing it today. We had our first holiday photo session of the year and it's only the middle of November. Can you believe that? I really don't think anyone really likes receiving our cards, but she keeps sending them out.

This year, she only made us wear these jester collars that she bought us last year. Whatever! It's not as bad as my first year here. The first year, I had to wear this elf hat. Can you say "EMBARRASSING"? Then she made me wear a Santa's hat. Last year, Scout refused to participate. Mama puts anything on her head and she deflates. She will not move, she will not look at the camera. She pouts.

Scout was fine with the jester collar this year because Mama gave us braunschweiger. We will do almost anything for that stuff. Yummy!

Mama was all excited because she thought she had a 33% off coupon for cards at Walgreen's. She spent hours choosing a card only to find out that the coupon doesn't work for cards. She said she will wait and see if they go on sale like they did last year before she orders. I think that also means that she may try to get more photos of us since she didn't order today. :::sigh:::

Oh, you want to see the front runner photo for the holiday card? Okay, here it is:

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