Sunday, November 9, 2008

Home Again!

We're home from camping!

Scout and I had fun, but it was cold. It was only like 42 degrees, windy and cloudy. We stayed inside the camper most of the time, but Mama and Daddy did take us for some nice long walks. We enjoyed playing in the leaves that were every where.

We got to watch Animal Planet which we love, but can't do at home because we get too excited and try to attack the TV. We can watch it in our motor home because the TV is off the ground.

Can you tell Scout is smiling in her photo? She is watching Pet Star with Mario Lopez. She thinks he is hot and that's why she is smiling. Look at her... her eyes are all dreamy-like. LOL
Something bad happened tonight. I cut my leg a few days ago, but Mama just noticed it this morning. Well, tonight I was licking it and I got it bleeding. It made such a mess all over the bed. Mama is still washing all the bedding. She told me not to go into detail, but she thought I might need to go to the vet because it was such a mess. She is watching me like a hawk now and won't let me touch my wound. She can be such a nag at times.

Your friend,

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