Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas came early!

Santa aka the UPS man brought our Christmas present on Friday. It's a new laptop. It's a joint family gift. Mama says that Scout and I will like it because she won't be stuck in the office in the evenings now because the laptop goes everywhere. I guess that is good, but I hope we get something we can eat.

Mama is freaking out over her new Internet service. She got rid of the satellite service and now has a wireless card. She is allowed 5G's a month. The company is putting our landline, cell phone and Internet service on one bill and that is causing some confusion. Mama is not able to check her usage on line this month and she keeps calling the phone company. The last guy told her she had an overage which she knows is not true because the lady she spoke with two days earlier explained the problem to her. It's because the account is new and the computer is messing up the usage. The guy told Mama that her bill would be over $2,000 if the overage is correct. He said he marked her account for a human to look at it before sending out the bill. Mama is worried that we are going to get a huge bill that will be a mistake, but will be a hassle to get fixed. She is scared to be online too much this month and is stressing out over dropping her Entrecards. :::sigh:::

Beach Life Is The Best

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