Sunday, December 14, 2008

We Saw Santa!

Mama and Daddy took us to see Santa today. I was not impressed. I guess he was nice enough, but Petsmart was noisy. We had to stand in line to pay for our picture and this big white dog that was two people up from us tried to attack Scout. It was scary. Mama and Daddy are always careful with us because we don't understand what other breeds are. We only know greyhounds. This white dog came through two people trying to get to Scout. A few minutes later, the white dog tried to get another dog and later we heard it going after another dog. It scared me and Scout. I was all nervous when the Santa man tried to get me to pose for my photo after that white dog incident. Scout smiled though and did a thing with her ears that Mama had never seen before but said it was cute. They wanted to keep taking pictures of us, but Mama said I was stressing out too much. Mama promised me we never had to see Santa again because it was just too scary with those "mean" dogs around. She said all she wanted was to get a photo of Scout and me with Santa and now she has it, so no more Santa pictures for us.

On the way home, we stopped at the park and we walked. I think we should have done that instead of seeing that Santa man.

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