Sunday, December 28, 2008

Muddy Dog Blues

The bad storms didn't hit us, but boy, it rained. Our yard is a muddy mess. Scout decided to run in the yard last night even though Mama told her not to do it. She came in covered in mud. Daddy tried to clean her up, but Mama said "put her in the tub!" Greyhounds are like cats. We really do not need to be bathed much. We are pretty much self cleaning. We do not have the doggy smell that other breeds have. Mama uses doggy wipes on us most of the time. So, hearing "putting her in the tub" was a shock to us.

I doubt that Scout learned her lesson and I bet she will be running in the mud later today. Daddy says she needs to wear mudflaps.

Sorry, we do not have pictures of Scout and her mud to share. Mama was too upset with Scout to take photos. Scout came into the mud room and really made it a mud room. She shook and mud went all over the walls and the washer and dryer. LOL

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