Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Jack Has Learned Since Leaving The Track

Greyhounds do not know a lot about living in a home when they are adopted. Many will spend time in a foster home before being adopted, but some come straight from the track. They are kept in cages most of the time and are let out for breaks and training, racing. They have not experienced mirrors, steps, vinyl flooring, etc. It has to be a strange world to them when they come into a home. This is Jack's 3rd Christmas and while he has seen a tree in the house the past two years at Christmas, I'm sure he thinks it is odd. I'm glad he has not tried to mark it. I don't think we will ever have a real tree for that very reason.

Jack writes a blog for our greyhound group. Here is the article that he wrote celebrating his second "gotcha day".

I have now been adopted for two full years! I have learned so many things.

I’ve learned that:

1) Zoomies can be dangerous in the house and drywall hurts when you run into it. I broke a wall once. Ouch!
2) You shouldn’t eat your Daddy’s dinner off the counter.
3) Camping is fun! There are so many people to meet, things to sniff and oh, so many posts!
4) Sisters can be annoying, but you still shouldn’t pee on their heads because they can and will do the same thing to you.
5) If your sister gets in trouble for something, do not take too much delight in it such as bouncing on the bed or dancing around the house.
6) Don’t eat the doorknobs!
7) Mama and Daddy’s bed is so comfy and has the best view of the TV. I love watching my TV shows from their bed. It was more fun before my sister came though. She can be so bossy when it comes to sharing the bed.
8) Sisters can be fun to chase in the yard, but not in the house. No, never in the house.
9) Don’t pee on the firewood that is kept on the screened porch. (I didn’t know we used that wood to heat our house. I thought it was there for decoration.)
10) Four on the floor! You should always keep all four feet on the floor and not jump around on two legs. I sometimes forget that one when I’m excited.

The biggest thing I have learned is that there is nothing better than being adopted. I have a warm house in the winter and a cool house in the summer. I have enough food to eat and almost as many toys as the pet store. I have people who love me no matter what. I can’t imagine a better life.

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