Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daddy's Away

Daddy's away for work. It looks like it's going to be an eventful time without him. Mama cut the grass in our backyard because the grass was getting really tall. Daddy cut it last week, but with all the really grew. Mama said it's supposed to rain until next week, so she was scared that Daddy wouldn't be able to cut it this weekend. He doesn't like her to cut the grass. We are not sure why, but she says she doesn't like to do it anyway so he can keep the job.

Mama said there is a raccoon who is sitting along the road. She saw him when she went to the store today. She mentioned it to Daddy when he called tonight and he said it was there yesterday. He said we should not walk that way because the raccoon is either sick or hurt since he also saw it last night. Mama said a raccoon like that makes her nervous. Speaking of raccoons, one emptied out our hummingbird feeder last night. We will have to start taking the feeder in every night. We had to do that last year.

There was a bunny in our backyard. He's a silly bunny coming into our fenced area. He has all the fields and woods around here and he chooses our area. He's not very smart. I guess he doesn't know that greyhounds chase bunnies.

The big excitement of the night is that our side by side refrigerator has quit working. MAMA JUST MADE US FROSTY TREATS!!! She moved everything to the old refrigerator and freezer, so we should be okay. Scout and I supervised the moving of everything, but especially our frosty treats. Daddy will look at it when he comes home. He said he may be able to fix it. The compressor is not wanting to start. It's only 4 years old and Mama said we really cannot afford to get a new one.

I guess that's it from here. Wow, I had a lot to say today.

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