Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Passed!

I passed my exam! Yesterday, Mama took me to the vet. I was so scared. I had to wait in the exam room for 20 minutes because the vet was running late. He said he had seen 22 dogs and cats in that day alone, which is a lot. I could hear dogs crying. I didn't know what they were going to do to me. Scout sat out in the car. She wanted to come in, but Mama said she could only handle one of us at a time. Scout could have taken my place. I wouldn't have minded.

The vet was kind of nice, but I don't like him. He gave me two shots and looked at my teeth. He tried to scrape my front tooth, but I really didn't like that, so he didn't do that again. He told us that the daily teeth brushing was working and he did not recommend that I be put under to have my teeth clean. That was a huge relief. Greyhounds are very sensitive to anesthesia and Mama really didn't want them to do that to me. She has known several greys that have died from that.

I gave Mama the stink eye on the way home. I'm still pretty upset that she took me there. She's trying to make it up to me, but I'm not letting her off that easy.

The greyhound who is glad that his exam is over!

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