Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Family Fun Day!

Today is family fun day at our house. Jack and I shared the couch.

(Pardon the glowing eyes. Mama tried to fix them, but she couldn't on this photo. She told us to just live with it.)

Then, Jack and I played with a new toy that Mama bought us yesterday at Petsmart. It was on clearance. We have a room full of toys, but Mama said she couldn't pass this stuffie up. This stuffed pig has 16 squeakers. You read that correctly....16! We are having lots of fun with it.

I helped Mama fold towels. She said she wished she had a camera because I was so cute. I laid down and used her folded towels as my pillow. I keep telling her that she needs to carry the camera with her at all times because my cuteness just comes out naturally.

I'm not sure what else will happen today. It has been raining since last night, so we will only be going outside when absolutely necessary. Our backyard is still a mess. Did I tell you that they blocked it off from us because they are trying to get grass to grow? I don't see any new grass coming up. I'm going crazy not being able to run my imaginary track. Mama said it will probably be blocked off for 30 days. ....sigh... I'm learned to run in a straight line, but I have to be careful because there is a fence at the bottom of the hill. I get going so fast that I almost crash into it.

Have a nice day!

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