Sunday, April 5, 2009

Still On The Road

We have been having fun camping, except it stormed last night. Today, it turned cold and it is so windy. The motor home keeps shaking. Scary stuff!

We have been on lots of walks and met some very nice people. There are huge birds here that live along the stream. Daddy said they are called turkey vultures. We were walking last night and this siren went off. The siren told the people to stop fishing and then all the turkey vultures flew close to us. It's a strange place.

Jack did the "greyhound scream of death" yesterday. If you don't know what that means, it is when a greyhound screams like something is killing them and it turns out to be nothing at all. Mama and Daddy immediately checked his foot because he was holding it up in the air and they thought maybe he stepped on a fish hook or something bad like that. It was nothing. As soon as they told him he was fine, he put his foot down and started prancing around like normal. He made quite a scene though and lots of people were saying "Oh,no, he is okay?" My brother is a goof.

Your friend,
Scout, the cute one

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