Monday, November 29, 2010

Hoping For Good News

(Scout is still tired for cleaning yesterday.)

We had a fun day yesterday. We left the house so that the real estate man could show it. We went to McDonalds and Scout and I shared a McChicken. Yummy! We then went to our favorite park and walked the campground loop twice. We walked for an hour.

As soon as we got home, Mama and Daddy pulled out our beds, bowls, toys, blankets and bones from their hiding places. Mama says we are a lot of work. Daddy says we have too much stuff. While the folks were doing that, the phone rang. It was our real estate man. He said the people loved our house and they were planning on writing an offer! These were the people that Mama didn't think would be interested, but they are. If everything works out, they want the house by the end of the year. Mama told us to rest up because life is going to be moving at fast speed if we have to move in 30 days. Daddy will be traveling some during that time, so it's going to be tough but we can do it.

Daddy told me not to expect real room service because we are not staying in that type of a hotel. I know that! I just want food to be delivered to the room. I want to see a pizza man. I've only heard of the pizza man. I've never seen one in person, just on the TV.

We should know something today on the house and the other couple is supposed to make their decision today too. Daddy said the heck with listing homes in the spring and summer. We sold our other one in December and this one might be the same way.

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