Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

Last night, Mama had a dream that we got an offer on our house. She told Daddy about it this morning. He laughed at her because the price was for more than what we will be listing it for next year. She told him that in her dream the offer came in now and not when we re-list it next year. Mama thought about the dream all morning and then a strange thing happened. Our realtor called and told her that the people who looked at it a few weeks ago are still interested and want to come back today and bring their parents. Spooky! We sprung into action getting the house ready for the showing. Mama hurt her back yesterday and could barely walk, but somehow she was able to get around today. Normally when Mama's back gets that way, it takes a few days for her to be able to get around. Mama kept praying that her back wouldn't let her down today and it didn't. Daddy came home from work early and helped us get ready. It was crazy! Mama kept saying that the house had to look good for a second showing.

We drove to town during the showing and Scout and I got a chicken sandwich. We then went to the park and walked around just a little. Mama's back was hurting again, so we couldn't walk too much, but it was still fun.

We now have our paws crossed...again. We are waiting for the phone to ring. Wouldn't it be something if Mama's dream came true? If we get an offer for the price she dreamed about, we will let you know.

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