Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oprah Went Camping!

Did you hear that Oprah went camping in Yosemite? It was her first time camping. Mama and I watched the show and laughed and laughed.

She camped in a pop-up with her best friend, Gayle. Oprah hit a rock with the camper. She said it damaged the bathroom, but she didn't go into detail about it. The next morning she had trouble opening the bathroom door, so maybe that's what she meant about it damaging the bathroom.

Oprah should have called me. Doesn't she know that I'm a camping expert?

I definitely could have given her some camping tips.

They didn't show her at the dump station, so we don't know if she dumped. Maybe she doesn't know that she needs to dump. She gave the pop-up away to a couple she met at the park. I hope for their sake that she dumped or that is going to be a stinky camper.

The Greyhound Who Is A Camping Expert

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