Saturday, November 27, 2010

Paws Are Still Crossed

Mama heard from our agent today. The people really love our house, but their family thinks it's too far out. They will make a decision on Monday. Mama is so sad right now. She thinks the answer is going to be a "no" and she is trying not to cry.

We do have someone else coming to look at the house tomorrow, but Mama is not excited. The agent said this person has been looking for a while, but also commented that our house was farther out than he would like.

The only thing that is giving Mama any hope is that dream she had about getting the contract. She said maybe the guy who is coming tomorrow is the person who was in her dream and not the first couple.

We haven't been using our fireplace because Mama didn't want to clean it if we had another showing. Last night, Mama told Daddy to build a fire because that would cause someone to look at the house and now another person is coming tomorrow. LOL She has to clean out the fireplace now. LOL

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