Monday, November 1, 2010

Still Waiting - But Encouraged

The people really liked our house. They want to look in another area next week, so no offer...yet.
We will have to wait at least another week before we hear anything, but at least they are considering us. Our house was supposed to come off the market today, but Mama and Daddy have decided to leave it on the market for another 15 days so that there is not any confusion with our listing.

Since we are approaching winter and a sale may occur, Mama said we may end up living in a HOTEL for a month or two if it's too cold to live in the RV. Now, that would be a real adventure. Daddy works for a hotel chain, so we would get a discount. It sounds like a good plan to me. I stayed once in a motel, but Scout has never ever stayed in anything but the RV.

Daddy is traveling this week, so we are keeping Mama company. Daddy gave Mama a Kindle last month for Christmas. Yes, she got her Christmas present very early. Anyway, the Kindle is keeping her busy reading and we just keep her company by sleeping near her. It works out well for all of us.

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