Monday, October 28, 2013

A Visit To Harry Truman's Home

Saturday, the folks headed back to Independence to tour Harry Truman's home.  They had tried to tour it the weekend before, but it was sold out.  Tickets have to be purchased at the visitor's center which is a different location from the house. The tickets are $4 a person and only eight people are allowed on each tour.  A short film is shown at the visitor's center.

The folks said they really enjoyed the tour.  The only downside is that no photography is allowed inside.  All the items inside the home belonged to the Trumans'.  Mama liked that because some homes she has toured have had items that did not belong to the family.  

President Truman died in 1972 and Mrs. Truman died in 1982.  Mrs. Truman gave the home to the National Park Service after her death.  She asked that no tours be allowed in the bedrooms until after the death of her daughter, Margaret, to protect her privacy.  Margaret died in 2008, but the state has decided not to open up the bedrooms.  They say it is still for privacy reasons, but the tour guide told us that it was due to the age and condition of the home.  He said the steps were not in great shape and they really don't want people on them or the second floor.

Here are photos of the outside.  Isn't it pretty?  The home was built by Mrs. Truman's grandfather.  She moved into the home with her mother and brothers after her father committed suicide.   Harry moved in after they married. 

Dad said that Harry was a humble man.  The vinyl on the kitchen floor is damaged, but he didn't see a need to replace it.  The kitchen has wallpaper that he picked out.  It happens to be red, white and blue.  It is on the walls and the ceiling.  Mrs. Truman painted the wood in the kitchen a light green.  The house on the inside is decorated simply, but looked to be comfortable. There is a formal sitting area, but it is not nearly as fancy as some others that she has visited.  It is a home that was lived in and not on display.

Mama said it was touching to see Mr. Truman's coat and hat hanging at the door along with his cane.  He loved to walk through the neighborhood.

This house is across the street and it was where the Secret Service stayed to keep an eye on the Trumans'.
This house is also across the street and belonged to Harry's aunt and uncle.
Mama has been able to find some photos of the inside of the house.  Here is a link to the downstairs.  Here is a link that has photos of the bedrooms. Truman home second floor photos.

It sounds like the folks will be headed back to Independence to do a few more things. There is so much to see and do in that area.

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