Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sock Monkey Museum

The folks traveled to Rockford to visit the Sock Monkey Museum.  It is located in the Midway Village Museum.  Mama has never been a fan of the sock monkey until now.  She always thought they looked a little scary, but now she likes them.

Sock monkeys are made from "red heel socks" which were manufactured by the Nelson Knitting Mills beginning in 1890 in Rockford, IL.  The socks were unique because they were made without seams. Nelson Knitting Mills was the first company worldwide to manufacture socks. In 1932, the red heel was introduced to distinguish their socks from their competitors.

During the depression, Nelson Knitting Mills did not layoff employees.  They lowered the prices of their socks to keep everyone working.  Can you imagine that?  Mama said it makes her want to buy their socks for that reason alone. Nelson Knitting Mills sold their business to Fox River Mills in 1992 and the socks continue to be produced today.

The sock monkey was created by some clever crafters. In 1951, Nelson Knitting Mills started including instructions for sock monkeys with their socks. 

This is thought to be the largest sock monkey.

Knitting machine

The museum also had a display for the Rockford Peaches. This was a women's baseball team that started during WWII to keep people interested in baseball.  They won four championships and played from 1943 to 1954.  If you have seen A League Of Their Own, then you are familiar with this team.

The folks were disappointed in the exhibit because there was nothing about the movie. They thought they would say something about it and possibly show the real players and the people who played them in the movie.

Mama thought the sock monkey exhibit was pretty interesting.  There were other exhibits such as several doll houses and a re-created town outside. The town is closed for the season, so visitors are only allowed to walk around the outside of the buildings.  It is probably more interesting if you can go inside the buildings.

The cost of  the museum is $7 a person.

The Millhouse.

The Greyhound Who Did Not Get A Sock Monkey, But Is Really Hoping For A Mr. Bill Toy

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