Monday, September 30, 2013

Joey Vs.

Joey vs. The Bunny

Joey 0, Bunny 3
There is a bunny who is roaming the campground.  Mama says it is teasing me.  I just want to sniff it... honest.

Joey vs. The Vacuum

Joey 0, Vacuum 4
I hate the "shark".  I have tried to bite it three times.  Mama says I am going to get hurt.  Last week, I took off running while "the shark" was in action and I got tangled in the cord.  I ripped the cord from the outlet and bent the prongs.  Luckily, I didn't get hurt, but the cord was wrapped around my bad leg and I limped for a little while.  The vacuum definitely won that battle and maybe the war. 

Joey vs. The Fly

Joey 1, Fly 0
A fly kept bothering me, but I taught him a lesson.  I ate him.  BOL!

Yesterday was Scout's "gotcha day".  She has been here for six years!  I am five, so she has been around longer than I have been alive!  We celebrated with a family day.  The folks worked around the RV and Scout and I enjoyed lounging in the sun.  Do you know what we ate for dinner?

Prime Rib
Okay, we didn't eat the whole thing.  We only got a small portion of it.  Actually, we have been eating our share over the past few days because Mama said we shouldn't have too much at once.  We also had our yogurt treats "Elvis style".  Elvis style is peanut butter and banana.  We think they are good!

The Greyhound Who Is Good At Catching Flies But Needs To Make Sure He Is Catching Flies And Not Bees

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