Thursday, September 26, 2013

Varoom, Varoom

It seems like we are hearing a lot of varoom, varoom lately.   Mama has been venturing out more and more.  Tuesday, she reached her goal which was going to Target.  She had to travel a four lane road in traffic and with traffic lights.  She thought she would be smart and take a side street and avoid some of the traffic.  However, the side street turned into a four lane street and the speed limit was 45 mph.  Mama's top speed up to that time was 30 mph. She reached 35 mph but that was as fast as she wanted to go.  She said even with her visor on, the wind was making her eyes water.  Mama got a little scared because she kind of got lost. She knew she could turn around, but she really didn't want to have to go back that way.  She ended up making some turns and eventually she ended up back at the street she had left.  She took the way she knew back home.  She has decided she prefers riding in traffic rather than going fast.

Today, she headed out again and went to Petco, Walmart and Kohl's.  The trip is about 13 miles round trip.  It is the next town.  She said she needed socks. It sounds like an excuse to me. She wanted to buy shoes, but she doesn't have enough storage space yet to carry them.  She will have to wait until next week for that.  No, she didn't buy us anything at Petco, but I know she went there looking for a Mr. Bill toy for me.  I really want one.  I think that is what I am getting for my birthday in November.

We have not told you about our Emeals in a long time.  Last week, we had some really good meals. The pictures don't do the food justice since the food is on paper plates and/or foil.

Mexican Pizza - the tortillas are fried in oil and then topped with ground beef, refried beans. The second layer had picante sauce, green onions, tomatoes and cheese.
Mama said it was really good and Dad agreed.

Tilapia with Lemon Caper Sauce
 The folks had this a few years ago at a friend's house and Mama was delighted to make it herself.  The tilapia is breaded and then fried and the lemon caper sauce is put on top.  Mama added noodles as a side item.

Fantastic Banana French Toast with hash browns and sausage
Mama fixed this for breakfast instead of dinner.  The french toast is actually croissants.  Pecans and bananas are heated in the syrup which is maple syrup, corn syrup and brown sugar.

We have been using the Emeals program for two years and still love it.  We have had a few repeat meals lately.  Dad said "We did?"  I guess it is a lot less than if Mama was planning the menu on her own.

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