Monday, September 9, 2013

Learning About Barbed Wire

BOL!  We thought that might get your attention.  No, we didn't run into any barbed wire.  The folks toured a home yesterday whose owner started a barbed wire factory here in 1874.  He became one of the wealthiest men in Illinois.

Barbed wire

There are over 1,000 patents for barbed wire.  Here are some examples.  Yep, they are all different.
The folks toured the mansion and it was BEAUTIFUL.  Mama was disappointed because they do not allow indoor photography.  :-(   It was just the folks and the tour guide on the tour and Mama got really excited when she saw a small greyhound statue inside.  She really wanted to take a photo of it, but she was good.
Ellwood House Museum  - click on the link to learn more about the house.
The flower garden.

Mrs. Ellwood's craft and collectibles house.
The old water tower.
This is what the property used to look like.  The water tower has changed over the years.
The folks thought the house tour was really interesting.  Mama really wishes she could show you what the inside looks like.  They were able to tour three floors and luckily it was not a hot day yesterday as the house does not have air conditioning.

Scout and I were very tired yesterday from our big day out on Saturday.  Mama woke us up at 7 a.m. and told us to get our butts out of bed.

Our new bed is scheduled to arrive today.  GULP!

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