Monday, September 16, 2013

Stuffy Update

All the stuffies except for one survived their trip in the washing machine/dryer.  The monkey came out without a voice.  Mama opened him back up and removed his bad squeakers and put new ones in him.  He is fine now!
Thanks, Mama for fixing my toys!
I love the ducks and hedgehogs the most!
Buddy is now officially licensed.  His license plate arrived on Saturday.  Do you know what it says?  It says "MOPED".  Mama laughed because that rude salesman told her a moped had to have pedals. Well, Big D (that is the name on his business card), in Texas mopeds do not have to have pedals and we have proof.  BOL! 

Saturday, the folks bought a new helmet for Mama.  She thinks she looks like a cartoon character.  She says she looks like the martian that was on the Flintstones.  She's silly. She is not green.  BOL!  The helmet is a half helmet and has ear flaps that zip off on hot days.  It also has a visor.  It was more money than Mama wanted to spend, but it is comfy and Dad said that was very important.

Mama took Buddy to town today!  Yep, she did it!  She drove to the Family Dollar store, but once she got there, she decided to keep going.  She rode on some side streets and then decided to head into traffic.  She stopped at a stoplight and then cruised on down the hill towards our place.  She was doing 25 in a 30 and people started passing her. She said she was fine with that.  She would rather have them pass her than have them ride her butt.  Her first trip is out of the way and she is happy.

The Greyhound Who Is Happy That His Toys Survived The Washing Machine

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