Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Fun Car Museum?

Is there such a thing as a fun car museum?  Well, Mama would have told you "No" before yesterday.  Dad told her to find something fun for them to do this weekend, so she started researching the Rockford area.  She came across a car museum that received good reviews, so she looked at the website.  It is not just a regular car museum, it is a museum with cars from TV shows and movies as well as historic people.  The price is $12 a person, but frugal Mama, found a coupon.  BOL!

The folks set off yesterday morning for Lensing Historic Auto Museum.  It is also known as Historic Auto Attractions. The museum is actually located in Roscoe, IL which is near Rockford.

Instead of talking, I will show you some of photos that Mama took. She took over 80, but we will just show you a sample.

Wax figures of John Wayne and the cast of Bonanza. Some of the wax figures are scary looking.

Clint Eastwood

The car used in Bonnie and Clyde movie.

Car owned by Conway Twitty.
Piano from Gunsmoke.

Do you remember the Johnny Cash song One Piece At A Time?  This is the car that was built.  Mama likes that song because her Dad worked at General Motors in the parts division for nearly 30 years and he used to laugh at that song.  The song played in this section.
Colonel Sander's car.  He has a greyhound on the front.

Elvis exhibit.  Elvis music played in this section.
The car from Back To The Future.

Car from the movie Ghostbusters.

Costume that Christopher Reeve's wore.

Batman cars.

Car from Andy Griffith show.

Car is signed by some of the cast members.

MASH display.

Car from Vacation movie.

Aunt Edna is even on the roof.  BOL!

This truck actually belonged to Red Foxx.  Did you know that his real name was Fred Sanford? That's what the sign said.
This is  a piece of cake from JFK's birthday cake.  It is from the famous birthday where Marilyn Monroe sang to him.
There are exhibits from Gone With The Wind, Laurel & Hardy, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, NASA, racing and many other things including items from the White House and clothing from Jacklyn Kennedy.  The folks both said it was a fun place to visit.  Mama said she felt like she rushed to see it all and probably could have stayed a lot longer.  Click on this link to take yourself of a tour through your computer.

Rockford is the home of the "sock monkey", so the folks stopped at that museum next.  However, they were having a special event, so the folks decided to come back at another time. That museum also has a display of the Rockford Peaches.  Remember them from A League Of Their Own?  Yep, Mama says they are planning another trip to Rockford.

The Greyhound Who Wonders If A Sock Monkey Is In His Future

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