Friday, September 13, 2013

A Surprise On Our Walk This Morning

The weather has turned quite cool here.  :-)  It was so cool that Miss Scout decided she would join us on our second walk of the day.  I am glad she went because otherwise she would have missed what we encountered.
"What the heck?"

Do you see it?  Probably not.  We only had our cell phone with us.
It was two foxes chasing each other  They probably did at least five loops running all around.  We were pretty excited.  We have been pretty bummed about the lack of wildlife here.  There is like one squirrel, a lot of geese, a few ducks and the fake swans.  Yes folks, those swans are FAKE!  We noticed that they always stayed in the same spot and then we saw birds sitting on them.  BOL!

We laid in the sun after we returned from our walk.
Last night, Mama took the toys we had in storage out for us to check over. 

We found that many of them needed repairs.  Since we have some toys that we don't play with, Mama decided to take their squeakers and fix the toys we like.

The squeaker donors.  Since the pig has 16 squeakers, we were able to save the other donors for later.
The squeaker recipients.  They were cut open, new squeakers were put in and then they were stitched back up.
Then the worst possible thing happened to them.
Yep, they took a spin in the washing machine. They are still in there.  GULP!

The Greyhound Who Hopes His Toys Survive Their Trip In The Washing Machine

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