Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Somewhat Disappointing House Tour & Buddy Gets A New Look

Sunday, the folks toured the Glidden House.  This house was owned by Joseph Glidden.  He invented barbed wire or at least is credited with it.  The folks toured Ellwood House a few weeks ago.  The man who owned that house became a partner of Joseph Glidden's. 

The house sits among apartments and commercial structures.  It is easy to pass by. It is hard to imagine that when it was built, it was all alone on the road.

The house itself was very basic.  It was not at all like the Ellwood House. Dad said this house was built before Joseph Glidden became wealthy.  They were allowed to tour just a few rooms.  Photos were allowed.

Blacksmith shop

He is trying to make a seahorse, but not having much luck.

The tour guide took this photo.  She said it would look really good.

She also took this photo.

This a Murphy bed.  It folds up.  It is the first time Mama has seen one that didn't fold into the wall.


The tour wasn't terrible, but it could have been better. The tour guide was very soft spoken and hard to understand at times. She didn't have a script and repeated herself many times.

Do you want to see Buddy's new look?

Isn't he cute?  Mama says it is a good thing she has a black scooter because if it was red, the nose of the greyhound would be red.  The decal is white and all the background color is Buddy.  We think it is perfect. The decal is from Skinny Hounds Designs.

Buddy's back rack arrived yesterday, but we don't have the right tool to install it.  We need a metric tool, so there will be a delay in getting it installed. When the back rack is installed, Mama can add a basket to it and then she can carry more shopping bags with her.  She only has storage under the seat now and that doesn't carry much.

Mama and Buddy went to town yesterday and they brought us back lunch.  Yum!

The Greyhound Who Thinks Buddy's Decal Looks Like Him

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