Friday, September 6, 2013

Buddy Got Mail

Buddy, the scooter, got mail. Can you believe that?  His accessories arrived.  He still doesn't have plates though.  BOL!

Buddy now has a cup holder and a little storage area. Mama forgot to take a before photo.  Basically there was just an open area that you could store stuff, but it didn't seem very practical or safe.

The cup holder can come out and then it will hold bigger drinks.  Above the drink holder is a cell phone charger.  Above the closed storage area is a bag holder.

The storage area is small, but it will hold a wallet, cell phone, camera or maybe a GPS.  Mama thinks she needs to have a GPS with her just in case she gets lost.

Buddy now has a snazzy cover instead of a blue tarp.
The campground owner told Mama that she is looking good on the scooter.  Mama asked if she looked scared and she told her no.  BOL!  Actually, Mama is gaining confidence and is ready to hit the streets, but it will probably be another week before the plates arrive.

Dad said he saw a lady older than Mama riding a scooter. She was stopped at a light.
Mama:  "Did she looked scared?"
Dad: "No"
Mama: "What color was her scooter?"
Dad: "White"
Mama: "Did she have both feet on the ground or just one?"
Dad:  "Both"
Mama: "Was she wearing a helmet?"
Dad:  "Yes, a full face helmet."
Mama:  "Hmmm, older than me?"
Dad:  "Yep"

Dad is not much of a talker, but he was excited to tell Mama about the lady on the scooter.

We are going to the Mutt Strut tomorrow. We are not "mutts" and we don't "strut", but we are still going.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Used To Be Mama's "Buddy".

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