Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Here!

The new bed arrived yesterday.  There was much excitement as we waited for the unveiling.

"Oh, this looks nice!"

"Yep, I fit...sorta."

"I can't seem to get all my legs on it."

"This could be a problem."
"There is enough room to chew my bladder sticks."

"It feels nice on my neck.  I just wish all my legs fit."

"Scout doesn't seem to fit either."

"I think she likes it even though she is giving her Eeyore look."

"Yep, she likes it."

"Our dinette bed has been upgraded with memory foam and I just can't keep the covers on it. The folks had three layers of memory foam on their bed and that was just was too much memory for them."
I do like my new bed.  I roached on it yesterday but the camera didn't catch me.

The bed came from Costco.  Mama ordered it online, but she heard that some stores carried it. She doesn't have a membership, so she just ordered it online. The shipping was free. Here are the details of the bed:

Attractive and stylish pillow top orthopedic bed provides the ultimate in support and comfort.  The orthopedic memory foam bottom with cooling gel increases airflow and cooling, while the pillow top design provides extra cushion for comfort and nesting.  The cover zips off for easy washing.
  • Color: Taupe Elephant Skin Faux Suede Top and Gusset
  • Solid Polyester Bottom
  • Bottom filled with 100% Polyurethane Memory Foam with cooling gel
  • Pillow Top filled with 100% Polyester fiberfill
  • YKK zippers
  • Dimensions: 36” x 40”

Brand: Kirkland Signature 

Mama likes that the bed seems to have a lot of support. She read reviews on  the bed and people who have had it for three months said that it still looks new.  We hope so.  The other beds are now in the basement of the motor home and we will use those when we are outside.

Nope, we are not being endorsed for talking about our new bed.  Costco and Kirkland have no clue who we are.  BOL!

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