Thursday, September 5, 2013

Computer and Bed Woes

We were surprised this morning to find out that we are the "Blog of the Week" on Mac and Maisie - The Dog Blog.  Mac and Maisie are from Scotland. They were both waiting for their forever home for over a year.  Their new parents only planned on adopting one greyhound, but when they saw that Mac & Maisie were best friends, they adopted both of them.  They have only been in their forever home since August so they are still experiencing a lot of firsts.  Congrats on you new home Mac & Maisie and thank you for reading our blog!

Yesterday, we had computer problems.  Something seemed to happened in Firefox.  We lost all our bookmarks which meant we also lost all our passwords.  Mama was upset by that but then something worse happen.  Our email quit working.  The problem started at 10 a.m. and she finally had things back in order at 7:30 p.m.  However, our email is currently downloading over 3,000 emails, so we may still be facing some issues.  BOL!

Well friends, it appears our bed it being replaced.  Mama ordered us a new one yesterday.  YIKES!  It does not have the bolster and that has us concerned.  Three other greyhounds recommend this new bed, so we hope they know what they are talking about.  Our standards may be higher than theirs.  The main reason we are replacing it is because the cover does not come off for washing.  Mama thought she could put it in a washing machine, but it doesn't fit.  She took it to the laundromat here and it wouldn't fit. It is a commercial front loader.  Well, it probably could have been shoved in there, but she didn't want to break the machine.  The one bed has a really bad odor to it and it stays in the basement of the motor home and only comes out if we are sitting outside.  The bed in here isn't so bad, but it looks pretty nasty.  Mama has been saving her money for a new bed for us. She has been writing some articles, plus we received rebates on our heart worm preventive and then we received money from Amazon sales, so she had enough for a new bed.  We are a little nervous about it as we love our old bed.  It should be here next week. 

BOL!!!  Mama just got drenched with water.  She is sitting on the couch with the window open and I guess the wind knocked water off the roof or something.  Water came in the window and got Mama and the couch.  BOL!

Mama ate dust while riding Buddy yesterday.  No, she didn't crash.  The roads here are gravel. A motor home was coming down the road and Mama decided to drive past them not thinking about the dust they were kicking up.  Yep, she ate dust.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is Still Laughing About Mama Getting Drenched While Sitting On The Couch

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