Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Fit!

I Fit!  BOL!
We are having a beautiful day here except it is windy. They said tomorrow is supposed to be windy. They said nothing about wind today.  We hope they are wrong because if this isn't windy, we need to put some more weight in the motor home.  BOL! We are creaking like crazy today.  You should hear all the noises that this place is making.   It is definitely a day that awnings should not be used.

Mama walked to town this morning.  She went to an antique shop, a store with homemade items and the dollar store. The dollar store isn't really a dollar, it is $1.09 plus tax.  Mama bought a few things today.  The main reason she walked to town was so that she could eat at Riccardi's Red Hots and Soda Fountain again.  The folks ate there on Sunday and Mama fell in love with the place.  Dad has that rule were they don't repeat restaurants, so Mama will go on her own from now own.  BOL!  However, they have broken that rule here already. There is an all you can eat Chinese buffet and they have eaten there twice so far.

Inside Riccardi's Red Hots and Soda Fountain

Egg and Bacon Burger with fries and fried pickle spear
Today, Mama had the egg and bacon burger with fries and just one fried pickle spear as she didn't want a full order. She said it was good, but so messy with the egg.  She said she plans on becoming a regular customer.  The next time she hopes to ride Buddy there.  Yep, the license plate left Texas today and she hopes it will be here on Saturday.

The Greyhound Who Has All Legs On His Bed Today

Beach Life Is The Best

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