Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mutt Strut

Today we went to the Mutt Strut and it was FUN!  There were dogs everywhere and lots of activities going on.  We headed straight for the area where Greyhounds Only had their tent.  Miss Donna from the group has been emailing Mama and we finally were able to meet her in person. 

A flyer announced that we were there!  We were celebrities for the day. 
Me. Scout, Bryn and Scout.  Yep, another Scout and she is a girl, too! Bryn and Scout live with Miss Donna.
This is King Kong.  He weighs 96 pounds, but his racing weight was 106.  He looked taller in person than this picture shows.  He is a nice guy and loves to lean.
Mama said I was a really good boy.  I tried to get all the other dogs to play with me even little dogs.  I made people laugh.  I had fun!  Did I say that already?  BOL!

We got tired, of course.

Scout spun the wheel at the Petco table.  She won a tennis ball.  I know a certain greyhound, Flattery, that would have been very excited to win that. 

There were pools for us to drink from, but we preferred standing in and them and then we got drinks.

Scout had to step in everyone of them.

Scout watched some dog shaped balloon fly away.
The Greyhounds Only group made us feel very welcomed.  We talked about our travels and living in a motor home as well as greyhounds, of course. They invited us to more events and we will probably attend some.  I think Mama and Dad had as much fun as we did.

The Greyhound Who Would Love To Attend A Mutt Strut Every Weekend

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