Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Buddy Has Arrived

Who is Buddy?  Buddy is Mama's scooter.  He came with the name, so Mama is not going to change it.  BOL!

See, his name is on the scooter.
We thought Mama's scooter frustrations were over, but they are not.  They drove 80 miles to buy Buddy.  They didn't want to buy him from Pigman II, so they went to a different dealership.  Everything was going great with the sale and then Mama asked about the temporary plates.  This dealership doesn't do that and, in fact, they said that no dealership does.  That is not true.  All the other dealerships that the folks visited do it.  The folks almost walked out on the deal because without temporary plates, Mama can't drive it on the road.  The people at the dealership made all sorts of phone calls, but couldn't help.  Mama decided that she could either buy the scooter on Saturday and send off for her Texas plates and wait for them or wait another week and buy from Pigman II.  She decided to buy the scooter and wait for the plates.  She could get temporary plates, but that requires a trip to the DMV which requires a trip in a taxi.  The price of those temporary plates get expensive when you do that.  She will wait for her Texas license plates to arrive.  They may be here by the end of next week or the beginning of the next week.  She could try and get temporary plates on Saturday, but is it really worth it?  She doesn't know anymore.   

Yesterday, Mama drove Buddy for the first time.  She is pretty nervous, so she is going to practice more.  She wouldn't be hitting the streets for a few days even if she had the plates now.   She doesn't like going around curves.  Dad says it is because she is going under 10 mph and it is harder to control at a slow speed.  The speed limit is only 10 mph in the park, so she can't go faster.  She still has trouble starting out, but she is getting better.  Last night, she watched training videos on You Tube and one instructor said to take your time and don't worry what people think about you practicing.  Mama liked him.  BOL!

I'm not so sure about Buddy.

Scout decided to do her own inspection of Buddy.

Scout does not approve.
Mama has already ordered a few items for Buddy.  I am not sure I like all the attention he is getting.

The Greyhound Who Is Not Impressed With Buddy

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